About Company

We run our business as an importing company in Yemen (2018) with big dreams. Our passion for medicine and pharmaceutical supplies products encourages made us to provide our customers with high quality products that are guaranteed to meet their needs and help them to improve their health. Since our consumers in the top of our priority, all the medicine and pharmaceutical supplied products importing by Ammar Alqubati company are chosen very carefully by a professional medical stuff according to the local and global standards.

Speech Of The General Manager Of The Company

The company is established with the help of all the employees, employees, and employees who are working and their goal is to provide the patients with the best health and speedy recovery With the help of God, we are able to meet the needs of our customers And the provision of distinctive medicines of high quality as well as medical devices and equipment they require, and we are always ready on time.

We Committed To

  • Exploitation of technology 85% 85%
  • Adopt a business plan 60% 60%
  • Knowledge of the markets 70% 70%
  • Your Title honest self-assessmentHere 95% 95%

Why Us?


Our warehouse system contains modern equipment that is suitable for the main location in the capital, Sana’a, and the different regions in the Republic of Yemen. This warehouse is managed according to high quality systems. The entrances to the medical warehouses have modern closing systems, protection systems, vital equipment, temperature and humidity monitoring devices, a strict security system, and CCTV surveillance cameras.


As it is known, to accomplish a specific work, we need specialists in this field, for example, but not limited to specialists in the field of medical marketing. Because we are experienced and skilled, we know how to develop our relationships with other doctors, how to make patients feel comfortable with their doctors and how to provide assistance in the medical community in general.
Based on this, we determine the way to market and deliver medical products that cover the needs of the Yemeni market, and we are expanding to cover all therapeutic fields, as well as constantly developing our skills. We have a strong vision of customer focus that our marketing team believes in and applies around the clock.


One of the important foundations in marketing is the distribution channels, where any marketing strategy must have the main elements and the four classic basic elements: product – promotion – price and appropriate place. And all our attention today is focused on the last point, the place that belongs to the distribution process.
Ammar Al-Qubati Company has a wide distribution channel throughout the Republic of Yemen and a staff with great experience working around the clock to serve you in addition to a specialized and qualified staff to ensure that our products arrive according to the required specifications and on time.

Our Commitment To Every Customer

 Predicting customer needs and their requirement

  Treat them honestly

 Listen to their feedback

Make sure you keep the promises you make

Our Services

Wholesale at company premises

Wholesale and distribution to the capital Sanaa

Wholesale distribution to all provinces

Retail distribution for retail customers

Our Products

Ammar Pharma is committed to providing high quality, efficient and effective products with the aim of achieving better health for citizens

Traits of a successful trader?

Trade as a profession

The merchant has to make a double effort, and he must research and develop strategies, to make his trade and work successful.

Rational Decisions

The trader should make sure that he practices his trade in a rational and methodical manner, not emotional, by developing himself by managing emotions, and controlling them to adhere to the trading strategies

Graduation by projects

The merchant is advised to start a small project, even if he has enough money and experience, as he must try a new strategy with less capital, and then expand the project after making sure of its success.

Good communication with clients

One of the basics of successful trading is for the merchant to be aware of the needs of customers or customers, and this requires good listening to them, and helping them to clarify those needs.

Year Founded

Years of Experience


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The most prominent leading companies in Yemen are highly efficient to provide the best to all the company’s clients

Amar Pharma operates with respect for human life and the promotion of human health in mind. We strive to improve the well-being of society, and always insist on representing companies that develop high quality products.



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